COMMON.COLOURS® is a fashion brand that was born in 2020 under the creative vision of Architect Rafael Peña. Raised amidst the vibrant cultures of San Juan, Puerto Rico and Miami, Florida, Rafael's interest in the art of craftsmanship was sparked at an early age by his father, a master carpenter, and his mother, a talented hobby seamstress.

As a teenager, Rafael's fascination with breakdancing, graffiti, fishing, and skateboarding grew, eventually leading him to the pulsating city of New York. Immersed in the dynamic club and urban culture, he was struck with a passion for fashion that would transform his life.

Although he studied Architecture, Rafael's passion for fashion blossomed through his intense interactions with the city's trendsetting urbanites. His love for fashion deepened during his years spent in London, where he rubbed shoulders with brilliant artists and young designers from a diverse range of design fields, including Fashion, Furniture, and Graphic Design.

Driven by a desire to create something novel and unexpected, Rafael fused his unique experiences and passions to launch COMMON.COLOURS. With his keen architectural skills and an unbridled love for Art and Graphic Design, Rafael began exploring his most innovative fashion concepts. The result is a brand that is both bold and beautiful, delivering striking, high-quality garments that are sure to turn heads and leave an indelible impression.